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Terrestrial transmission

Telecomponents solutions for terrestrial transmission have stood out for decades, offering highest efficiency, smooth operation and a future-ready design. We are always at the forefront of transmission technologies such as analogico, DVB-T, DVB-T2, ATSC 3.0 and ISBD-Tb and, are able to offer you superior solutions that are proving their reliability at thousands of sites all around the world every day.

Reducing operating costs is and will remain one of the primary challenges for network operators. Rising costs for energy and personnel make this challenge even tougher for them. But this challenge fuels the engineering creativity of Telecomponents. Equipment solutions from Telecomponents, keep operating costs to a minimum. Telecomponents systems offer unique innovations that meet the challenges of network operators by combining high energy efficiency and high availability with low service and maintenance and low space requirements.

The transition to new transmission standards will allow more efficient use of bandwidth and spectrum and make it possible to offer enhanced services. 
In many regions of the world, spectrum clearance and channel repack programs are either currently taking place or waiting to be implemented. In these times of change, network operators need suitable strategies that allow them to keep providing today's services without disruptions while preparing a seamless switchover to tomorrow's services. Telecomponents equipments solutions are designed to support network operators in demanding transition phases by providing channel agility, future-ready signal processing and adaptive operation features.

In the past, incredible innovations has taken place in TV transmission. It has evolved from analog transmission to digital broadcasting to satellite delivery with hundreds of channels. TV is now ready for the next challenge: reaching out to billions of smartphones via 5G. LTE/5G broadcast, a technology once associated with mobile connectivity, can transform digital TV into mobile TV.


Telecomponents utilises best quality and state of the art products from established and renowned global suppliers.
With the owns two large warehouses, Telecomponents it have a wide variety and quantity of broadcast and telecommunication equipments is stored in stock. One warehouse contains new equipment and the other used / refurbished equipment.
Our customers, especially when the purchase concerns used / refurbished equipment, can come to us to check and verify the equipment. On this occasion, we will make available our laboratories and the necessary equipment to carry out the tests they want
The products available are generally used in the telecommunications and broadcasting sector. We cannot list all the various types here but below we indicate the most relevant:
 - Analog and digital TV transmitters, VHF and UHF
 - FM and DAB transmitters
 - RF TV power amplifiers
 - RF amplifiers for FM
 - TV and FM broadcasting antennas and accessories
 -  Radio TV Links  (STL)
 - Cables and connectors
 - Measurement tools
For New equipment the warranty is given directly by the manufacturer (normally it is 2 years). For used / refurbisched products, the standard warranty is 6 months (unless otherwise specified)

Telecomponents services.

The key strength of Telecomponents is in complete 'SiteBuild' capability. This includes all services required to implement comprehensive turnkey projects.

Site surveys: Telecomponents conducts site surveys on worldwide and under any environmental conditions. Comprehensive site survey reports are compiled and most often form the basis for consultation, quotation and technical solutions.

Consulting: The Telecomponents technical staff are trained to understand the customer's requirement and provide professional advice for any wireless scenario. Quotations and tenders are completed with care to provide the best technical solution with the lowest cost, yet meeting, for all customers, government regulations and technical requirements.

Design & RF Coverage Studies: Many years of applied expertise, experience, and technology and product knowledge enable to Telecomponents to design the best solution. Advanced in-house developed simulation design and prediction models are utilised.
Particular attention is given to the land cover simulation created with latest generation software.Thanks to a very professional know-how, Telecomponents can analyze complex area studies, to issue the best solution to have the desired coverage with the suitable antenna system. Telecomponents implements its studies using the ultimate software created by some of the most skilled producers as ATDI and Aldena. Telecomponents owns the maps of almost the whole Earth : for this reason it can take care of projects all worldwide.

Project management: All implementations are project managed with clear documentation for deliverables, time lines and responsibilities. Product supply and project progress is monitored throughout the implementation phase.

Testing: After completion of any solution implementation Telecomponents tests the solution and hands over the working system to the customer or to the responsible support organisation. 

Absolute reliability and precision - tailored security of investment and long-term product reliability
We offer you innovative and forward-looking service packages for optimal protection of your high-end equipment. As a reliable partner, we support you through all phases of the equipment life cycle and stand by you with an extensive and constantly growing portfolio of services that can be tailored to your specific needs.
Trust us

Maintenance: Depending on the support requirements of the customer, Telecomponents can enter into Service Level Agreements and will maintain the implemented solution either by themselves or by an appointed service contract partner.

Site monitoring: All of the Telecomponents deployed sites can be remotely monitored from our offices in Italy or directly from the customer's site allowing you to check all the operating parameters of the sites.

Training: If required, Telecomponents will train the customer or its representative on all technical and operational issues of the implemented solution. In particular, in our laboratories we create courses in which we provide both the basics and those that are more properly operational and this through the use of adequate instruments (spectrum analyzers, VNA, etc.) and operating software.

Repair, Calibration, Testing and Consulting   

Telecomponents has a well-equipped laboratory measurements which can repair and calibrate any equipment for telecommunications and broadcast that operates up to 56 GHz.
Our technical staff is able to offer repairs, calibrations , testing and consulting on various broadcast equipment including:

- Transmitters and power amplifiers for TV / FM band I - III - IV and V analog / digital :
- Radio Links (TV,FM, IP..) up to 22 GHz  analog / digital ;
- Antennas and accessories ;
- Combiners and filters
For calibration , testing and repair of RF equipment require bid . The consulting  is free

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TELECOMPONENTS SRLS Unipersonale. Electronics and telecommunications group, offers innovative solutions in all fields of telecommunications, broadcast and wireless communications and in IT security. Founded more than 50 years ago, and Italy independent company, and has an extensive experience in the sales and service network with representatives in more than 70 countries.



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